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Dec 21, 2017

One holiday ep just wasn't enough. So brand strategist Amanda Munilla joins to talk about dystopian holiday ads from a German supermarket chain, our Spotify years in review, and how badly we wanted those men to Thelma-and-Louise it off the parking lot in the Audi mall-parking ad. 

Spotify and its use of data:

Dec 14, 2017

'Sup, cool youngs. Your fave brand here, coming at you with lit branded content that recent studies show us will increase engagement and favorability. 

Special guest Emma Cofer of Lippincott joins to talk about a request we hear a lot from brands: help us be cool. What IS cool? You won't be surprised to find out that...

Dec 7, 2017

Elf myself?! NO, Elf YOURSELF. We tackle the good and mostly bad ways brands present themselves to you, the consumer, during the holidays. Special guest Nora Geiss joins to discuss the mythical Elf Yourself to Macy's rape-y holiday catalog headlines to CVS pumpkin-spice coughdrops. 

Nov 30, 2017

Brands, via technology, want our attention ALL. THE. TIME. Courtney Maum, author of Touch, joins to talk about persuasion design, and how technology is increasingly designed to make us passive audiences, rather than active participants. 

"Breaking Up With Your Smartphone"

Nov 16, 2017

Shillington. Yes, that is the real name of a for-profit design college. Is it a good name? No. But, as Caitlin and special guest Paula Pou discuss, it's hardly the worst branding offense committed by a for-profit college.  

Also: Lil Wayne went to University of Phoenix? And Shaq? SHAQ??