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Aug 31, 2017

Brands are notoriously bad at goofs (see: April Fools' Day). Comedian Zach Broussard is good at them. So he joins Caitlin today to talk about some of the best goofs he's done and if brands listen verrrrrrry closely, they might learn something. 

For more info on Zach's latest goof, check out the New York Sorta...

Aug 24, 2017

When a word becomes a buzzword, it's on its way to being meaningless. Comedian and linguist Myq Kaplan joins Caitlin in The Brand Hole today to say goodbye to formerly good words, like "empathy." It's fun!

Aug 17, 2017

Today, Caitlin and special guest Nora Geiss give the Kardashians far more respect than they deserve. Nora, Beautiful Mind-style, lays out the universe of the Kardashians and the strategic intent behind each member of the Kardashian clan's brand. (If nothing else, we can admit that the Kardashian family knows what...

Aug 10, 2017

Paula Pou is back! Caitlin and Paula are on the road, doing their real jobs, so a short episode about one of the most polarizing issues in America today: Miracle Whip.

We ask and answer critical questions such as:

  • Why's it called that?
  • Wait, what is it if it's not mayo?
  • They want me to keep an open WHAT?
  • What's wrong...

Aug 3, 2017

Rachel Bernard, VP of verbal strategy at CBX, joins Caitlin to talk about one of the most important parts of brand naming: making sure it's not incredibly offensive. We get into why we check for linguistic issues, what we look for, and, most importantly, we tell tales of all the ridiculous disasters we uncover...